When viewing our future from our present status, we believethat our company,

  • Has created a competitive advantage in terms of both tecnology and economy among the shipyards all over the world and has become a unique brand,

  • Has become the leader in the domestic industry,

  • Has realized the production of all types of vessels in addition to contanier ships,

  • Has reached the global standards as regards productionperformance,

  • Has fully pleased its customers through continuously improving its quality level and system,

  • Has adopted the turnkey manufacture of ships as its shipyard'smain area of activitiy,

  • Has evolved as an institution that performs its design activities by itself and on the level of prodictiondocumentation


       Our values, which we consider as of utmost importance in the course of our business activities as well as in our fereign and domestic relations, are:

  • Planned work,

  • Honesty and integrity,

  • LOVE-RESPECT-TRUST for our work and our co-workers,

  • Willingness for continuous deelopment,

  • Fairness in decisions and behavior,

  • Genuineeffort to ensure full customer saticfaction, and,

  • Considering our employees as the mostvaluable input of the added value created


  • The quality of the projects ŞENGÜN SHIYARD carries out is performed with the aim of reaching the desired quality structure and level defined in the company'sVISION with MINIMUM COSTS and within THE SHORTEST TIME PERIOD, enabling the realization of the projected profitability levels.

  • FULL CUSTOMER SATICFACTION in all business activities of our company in terms of both products and relations is ensured so that our customers desire doing business with our company on an ongoing basis.The potential expectations of the customers and the market are continuously monitored, analyzed and assessed, and consequently,the expectations are developedinaccordance with the corporate strategies and in mutual agreement with the customers.

  • The Quality Management System (QMS) major activity processes described in the company's Quality Manuel are followed and the COMPETENCE OF THE PROCESSES for carrying out the basic policy stated in Article the utilized resources are measured, assessed and improved.

  • The goals related to the improvement of quality are always set in coordination with the company STRATEGIES and the business plan and they are utilized to with the aimof upgrading the company's status in the industry.To this end, the company'spolicy is reviewedby the administration every year.

  • The AWARENESS OF QUALİTY and CUSTOMER REQUESTS are the most important work and assessment references in all of the corporate organizational levels.The goals pertainig to quality are the main element in the performance evaluation of the employees.

  • The EMPLOYEES of our company are the main element of the Quality Management Sytems(QMS) and production.Thus,an environment that ensures the human resources toDevelop in therms of both qualityand quantity so that the goals pertaining to quality are met, that enables the personnel to work with a high level of produtivity,and that allows each and every member of the staff to have a professional trainimg and career building plan allowing him to develop his CREATIVITY and SKILLS is provided.

  • In order to ensure the contınuous improvement of the efficiency and productivity of the production process,LONG TERM relationships with the SUPPLIERS of material and work force are developed by taking into considerationthe shared goalsand mutual benefits.Within this context,the compliance with the QMS is one of the main criteria in the performance evaluation of the suppliers.

  • The SHIPYARD SENIOR MANAGEMENT is prmarily responsible and accountable conceming the implementation of these principles while being the ultimate ROLE MODEL within the corporate culture.


       And sustainable development for a future open to all kinds of negative impacts on the environment during activities take the necessary measures to minimize, is an integral part of our business.

       The Company's management, environmental issues in line with what you need to make a plan and the implementation of these plans are moving the consciousness that the main tasks of the Company Management.

       Environmental Activities to be carried out for this purpose Şengün ship's owner or where the project covers the entire side.

       Due attention to environmental safety, as an employer within the framework of current legislation Şengün ship's duty.

       In this direction, "Environmental Management System" by applying our system to changing circumstances are reviewed periodically and try to improve the environmental performance continuously.

       With this purpose;

       Environment complied with all relevant local and national laws and regulations, taking into account international recommendations will move the maximum level. Preparation of product-related projects and processes, taking into account the environmental effects of pollution at its source is tried to be prevented.

       Electricity, fuel and water consumption of resources, such as sustainable development, mitigation measures shall be taken and put in goals each year is provided.

       Activities during the solid, liquid and gas waste reduction measures are taken, attempts to re-use or recycling opportunities.

       Case of any accident or emergency that may occur during our activities, is planned measures to minimize environmental damage.

       Terms of the environment to achieve success in training to give all employees are informed and are subject to personal liability.

       Governmental institutions, in cooperation with other industry organizations and suppliers by the environmental standards it tries to raise together.

       Known, after the occurrence of accidents or hazards Company "reactive" approach is not showing, prediction system by taking measures in advance to "proactive" approach to prevent environmental accidents and damage to the environment and want to eliminate the hazards completely.

       Zero error and zero accident in the name of the company's objectives and of the reference to an event in any way to avoid the negative and undesirable, nature, and considers to be recognized as protecting the environment and employees.


       Şengün Shipbuilding Industry, is recognized as the most valuable asset of all human activities, creating a safe and healthy working environment acts as a requirement of the efficiency of production.

       For this purpose, within the framework of legislation and other requirements of the rules determined to prevent occupational accidents and health deterioration, and to create a conscious employees;

  • Occupational Health and Safety issues by providing training employees to gain the proper behavior of all employees informed and to participate,

  • Occupational Health and Safety as first priority in all our activities taking into consideration,

  • Collaboration with organizations in our region, creating a structure capable of intervening in a common disaster and emergency situations,

  • The most valuable asset, our workplace safer and healthier working environment for employees to provide and improve,

  • With new technologies and efficient use of resources and to minimize the risks of occupational health and safety of our company by reviewing the continuous improvement of system We are committed to


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